At the end of the day, your wedding photographs will be the only physical memories of your special day, there is absolutely no room for error. Photographs should stylistically represent your own personalities; here in North Yorkshire we’re spoilt for choice, with many talented individuals who will be able to capture the ‘real you’ on your biggest day. Here’s who I genuinely recommend and who I have worked with on numerous occasions.


Ryan Browne

Ryan and I have worked together many times, mostly at Castle Howard and can be credited for most of the marketing images on my website and the Castle Howard wedding brochure. One of the best in the industry and his awards are testament to this. He just has the eye and skills for capturing all of the beauty, charm and elegance of each wedding  and this has made him one of the UK’s most sought after and trusted wedding photojournalists.


Steve Ramsden

One of the first photographers I ever worked with at The Abbey Inn, far too many years ago. He has tons of experience, a knack of knowing how to handle the most difficult situation, fabulous photography, and his albums are stunning.


Mike Nowell

Mike is a pleasure to work with and is to thank for the Abbey Inn photo shoot. His real speciality is reportage wedding photography and I love his relaxed and informal style.


Mark Lorraine

Mark is a good friend of mine, but I would not be recommending him if I didn’t also love his photography and style. Quite new to the industry, but this does not weaken his standards or quality of work


Ashley Nesbitt

Again I have been working with Ashley for quite a few years. He boasts “I am not a grumpy stereotypical wedding photographer bossing every one about – I just have fun with you and your guests” I can verify this. A very lovely, charismatic, happy  man to work with and his photographs are stunning.