Lovely words of thanks

Bridal Sketch 001

Thank you does not seem anywhere near enough to express our gratitude to you.
On the actual day I know you and Jonny worked together to keep things running
smoothly, I didn’t know of any mishaps, other than my not bringing any money to
pay the broncho people. But Jonny sorted it all out – I was so relaxed the
whole time I supposed it didn’t occur to me what a problem the lack of cash
was. His brother paid them in the end by cheque and saved the day for Jonny.
Also there was a problem with the ceremony music (again my fault for forgetting
to pack it) but I was surprised at myself for not being all that bothered that
it wasn’t the music I’d chosen as I liked the other songs on one of the other
CDs. At one of our meetings you described me as ‘the most relaxed bride you’d
worked with’ and I kept it in mind ever since. I actually think it helped me
not to stress over that minor detail, and to be honest all I wanted to do was
marry him so it really didn’t matter! I was pretty stressy leading up to the
wedding so goodness knows what the other brides go through!

The feedback we’ve had from people has all been good, even from those we can
count on to be honest with us. My Grandma said there was something there to
please everyone, and my brother described it as ‘inclusive’ to each guest,
which after he explained to me what he meant (!) was high praise, and does
Jonny and yourself credit because I dont think we set out intending to please
everyone, but that is what we ended up doing. Indeed, one of the best
compliments we received was that you could tell it wasn’t a ‘package wedding’,
and it was recognised the amount of organisation that went into it. When Jonny
sold the idea of having the wedding at Byland to me he described the standard
wedding we could have and compared it with his vision of the day instead.

Didn’t the guests look fantastic? They said being in costume actually acted as
an icebreaker. Jonny tells me one of his fondest memories of you on the day was
you coming out of the toilet after helping Gary change, howling with laughter.
I know the day was long and hard work for yourself and all the staff, but I do
hope you enjoyed it.

Again Jane, thank you so much for helping to realise our wedding for us. After
every meeting with you we came away buzzing and enthusiastic, it was great that
you were on board with Jonnys erm…unusual ideas, sometimes I felt I
was the boring one when you two got going (but in a really good way!). We
currently have no other weddings to look forward to, but I think we should do
it all again next year to cheer ourselves up.

Jonny and Rebecca, The Abbey Inn September 2013

I’d just like to say what a huge success the whole day was, thanks largely to yourself and Guy’s management of every little detail. I felt we could trust you utterly, to get things right and you did not let us down – that in itself is a rarity in this day and age. I think that you should forget the wedding business and run for Prime Minister. I’d vote for you over Cameron any day. When it comes to wedding planning we got the best of the best – and that was you, thank you.

Alexandra and Ben, Byland Abbey Marquee. July 2013

Thank you for making our day so magnificent. You were a pleasure to work with and we are so grateful for all the hard work. We loved every moment.

Leanne and Steve, Byland Abbey, August 2013


We wanted to say a big thanks to you for all did in helping us plan and run our special day. We had such a magical day and enjoyed the whole experience of planning our wedding at Byland, a beautiful setting. We wouldn’t have changed a single thing. We will have many happy memories for years to come. Your experience and advice was much appreciated. Shall we do it again next year?

Abbi and Julian. Abbey Inn marquee wedding. May 2013


Thank you for all your help and advice, which helped to make our wedding such an amazing day. We really can’t thank you enough.Your excellent planning made the day run so smoothly (or it so appeared to us) We’re sending a separate note to the Durham Ox, but needless to say the food was excellent. We couldn’t recommend you highly enough . Love from Claire and Daniel.

Claire and Daniel. Marquee wedding at The Abbey Inn. September 2013

Thank you again and again for making the wedding such as amazing experience. You really did such an amazing job and I can’t stop telling everyone about it.

Elise and Chris, Castle Howard March 2013

A thousand thanks for the best wedding ever. Everyone commented on how wonderful Byland was, the food, the atmosphere, how professional all the staff were. We will always have special memories of teh whole day and we will always be grateful for you being a part ot it. A bonus is we have a new great friend.

Tony and Gill, The Abbey Inn 2012

Words fail to express our appreciation to you and your colleagues for the contribution you made in making yesterday such a truly special day. Though Castle Howard is a truly magnificent home representing so much heritage and ceremonial splendour of what a young lady would like as part of her dream day; it is also very welcoming with an air of informality and homeliness that many of our guests found so endearing where they could relax and enjoy the occasion in such opulent surroundings – thank you. We are very grateful Jane for all your help and consideration in arranging the logistics of the day.

Elise and Chris, Castle Howard, 2013

A massive thank you to all the Castle Howard team. We had a fantastic day. Particular thank you for looking after Grandma, making her comfortable and finding her a blanket which matched her outfit. We were blown away by the Castle Howard hospitality and we are still takling about the best beef wellington ever.

Charlotte and Alastair, Castle Howard 2012

Jane, what would I have done without you. You are a superstar and I have no idea how you managed to calm me down when I was a crying wreck. Lots of love to a very special lady.

Cathy and Luke, Abbey Inn 2012