A bit about me

A bit about me

Some 20 years ago in the hills of the Scottish borders, a young 22 year old girl – West Yorkshire born and fresh back from traveling the Eastern seas, decided to buy a hotel with her Canadian partner. That young girl was me, and little did I know at the time, I would go on to spend the next 17 years planning and delivering the happiest days of people’s lives.

In 1994 I planned my first wedding; a member of my staff was getting married at Gretna Green but had no reception venue, florist, car, photographer and virtually no savings. I decided my wedding present to them would be to organise and deliver their day on a budget. I made the bouquets using flowers from the garden, drove them to the register office, organised a ‘bring your own dish’ buffet, took the photographs on my camera, and my husband Marty played the guitar for entertainment. It was simple, romantic and brimming full of heart; but the buzz I got from planning the whole day was exciting, I was hooked. The next week I advertised the hotel as a wedding venue, and have never looked back.

19 years and over 400 weddings later, even a marriage of my own (yes, I eventually married the Canadian wannabe rock star) We have two handsome rugby crazy teenage boys, I’m a full time wedding coordinator, full time mum and part time rugby spectator.

For me, I believe the reptation I have built for planning weddings has been a result of seriously hard work, the patience of my family and my inherent passion for creating perfectly planned weddings. Loving my job does help too !

I look forward to planning your wedding day with you.